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Environmental Sustainability Education Graduate Certificate Curriculum

Practicing teachers across the preK-12 spectrum can enhance their instruction with this interdisciplinary graduate certificate. This program helps teachers to deepen their content knowledge in Environmental Sustainability Education (ESE) and develop the skills and tools they need to become green leaders in their schools.

This four-course graduate certificate is designed for practicing preK-12 teachers who wish to transform their teaching practice with interdisciplinary perspectives on Environmental Sustainability Education. Coursework is focused on applying knowledge and designing solutions to many of the challenges we face in our classrooms and in the world. Courses in this program are offered using a variety of formats including remote (both synchronous and asynchronous), hybrid, and face-to-face. 

Required Courses:  Select any THREE of the following four courses

ESED 501: Environmental Science for Teachers and Leaders
The course will run May 22-June 9, 2023 in a hybrid format, with face-to-face meetings on Tuesday evenings from 5-8:15 PM. This 3-credit graduate course, offered through TCNJ’s School of Education will provide you with the tools and know-how to grow green thinkers in your classrooms. Master teacher Helen Corveleyn will be the course instructor and will share real-time practical examples for engaging students in climate change work across the K-12 spectrum.

ESED 520:  EcoJustice and Socioscientific Issues
Advocate for social and environmental justice in your classroom and beyond! This course, ideal for teachers across the K-12 spectrum, uses a problem-solving approach to multidisciplinary instruction. Blended format with synchronous class meetings. 

ESED 600:  Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Environmental Sustainability Education
Students in this course will learn to use equitable and inclusive instructional practices in environmental sustainability education across all content areas and grade levels.

STEM 641:  Biotechnology Systems and Sustainable Design
This course introduces students to the world of environmental and biotechnology systems for K-12 STEM/ engineering education at the intersection of the designed and natural worlds.

The fourth course in this 12-credit graduate certificate program can be any of the courses above OR a selection from those listed below:

EDUC 510:   Exploration of Reflective Teaching (a course offered through the RTC program)

PBHG 504:  Environmental and Occupational Health (a course offered through the graduate program in Public Health)

PBHG 678:  Water, Land, and Air: Critical issues in Global Environmental Health (a course offered through the graduate program in Public Health)

ELEM/SCED 663:  Advanced Trends in Education (a course offered by the Global Graduate Programs)

The ESE graduate certificate can stand alone or serve as a specialization option for students enrolled in the MEd in Integrative STEM offered by the TCNJ School of Engineering. This certificate can also serve as part of the MA in Educational Studies offered in TCNJ’s School of Education. 

For more information about the certificate, courses, or how to get started, please get in touch with Lauren Madden at

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